How can I develop my new custom applications faster?

How can I monetize my internal applications?

How can I control access to my customers?

How can I have a single point for Authentication/Authorization?

How do I standardize my application development and management?

Can I have a single pane health view of all my applications?


APPLAUD is a Unified Digital Applications Platform. It is a one-stop solution for rapid development of digital applications to meet your business and customer demands. APPLAUD offers a comprehensive governance for managing diversified custom developed applications through a unified portal.


APPLAUD helps Enterprises in,

  • Accelerating the development of digital applications
  • Providing a robust, secure, scalable and configurable multi-customer facing enterprise architecture for building various customer facing digital applications
  • Delivering digital applications that can be globally distributed, uniformly managed and centrally administered
  • Providing a solid platform that covers the entire application delivery lifecycle
  • Providing Proactive monitoring of services

How can APPLAUD help you?

  • Build and launch new digital applications in a matter of days instead of months.
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution with Single Sign On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Support
  • Unify and centrally manage various customer facing and internal applications
  • Maintain application inventory, control access across different units (department, geo, etc.) within the enterprise
  • Monetization platform for the digital applications either through internal chargeback or from customers (subscription model)
  • Monitoring the usage and health of the overall platform


APPLAUD - Accelerator

Offers a wide range of development tools that can cut down development efforts of any new applications by 60-70%. In addition to saving cost and effort, Applications also inherit robust architectural capabilities.

APPLAUD – Governance

Provides administrative capabilities for publishing and managing various applications/services across various organization/geographic units.

APPLAUD – Security

Offers comprehensive and consistent security control across all the applications. In addition to identity management and single sign on (SSO) support it also provides central control of access management policies.

APPLAUD – Monetization

Facilitates the monetization of applications by providing end to end business management capabilities to offer applications on a subscription model to other enterprises/consumers.


Applaud provides a comprehensive coverage of features that allows enterprises to develop new custom solutions and leverage the Applaud platform to create additional revenue streams for the Enterprise. Download the feature fact sheet to take a quick look of the various features and how they can help in creating innovative revenue models.

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